The GCP units offer:

E-learning course; An introduction to GCP for health care professionals

The course is aimed at sub-investigators, nurses and other health care professionals, who are involved in clinical trials. You may complete the course within an hour, and finish with printing a diploma.

We recommend Sponsor-investigators and Principal Investigators (PI) to participate in a more detailed course (see all courses).

The E-learning course is only available in Danish. 

Webinar; ICH GCP-guideline has been updated. What is new?

One hour Webinar, that highlights the Integrated Addendum to ICH E5 (R1), leading to the new version ICH GCP-guideline ICH E6 (R2), which was valid June 14, 2017.

The Webinar targets persons, who have experience with the former version of ICH GCP-guideline.

The webinar is only available in Danish.